Open for business as usual!

We're happy to report that Coronavirus is not keeping us down - we continue to function as normal (although I think the definition of "normal" is changing all around the world as we speak!). We were already pretty much contactless - all our planning, quoting, editing, invoicing etc is all done without face-to-face contact anyway and what better time could there be for safety inspections etc than when most people are away from those buildings, working at home?

The same for home selling videos too - if you want to sell your home right now, but are wary of inviting all and sundry to view - why not give them a virtual tour of the inside and out with a high quality video - then you know those that want to view in person are especially serious!

So do, please, get in touch on 01332-929283 or to discuss your requirements

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Yep, we've been and closed the doors too - obviously it's the right thing to do, we're now keeping ourselves safe & sound at home and more importantly it saves lives other than our own too, plus it fr | Tel: +44 (0)1332-929283

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