Eye from above...

Working in conjunction with you, the roofing experts, we can get you eyes in the sky faster, cheaper and with less risk than common alternatives such as scaffolding and platforms.

Whether it's a quick inspection of a house roof such as that pictured here, or large industrial sites, we can help you get to those tricky areas, with high quality video and still images provided, especially useful for insurance claims and client show and tells.

We'll work to your requirements, eg. producing annotated stills such as the overview above or maybe even high quality video for you to review at your leisure.

And if you're there on site with us, you can even direct us to specific areas of interest such as those shown below...

We hold a Permission for Commercial Operations from the CAA, are fully insured and will risk assess each and every job before committing to it, so you can rest easy that when operating as a part of your team, we hold ourselves to the highest standards that you would expect.

In most cases, we can provide the video & images to you on the same day as the inspection takes place, far quicker than getting scaffolding, platforms etc booked!

Please get in touch (contact details below) to speak to us about your requirements.

info@emav.co.uk | Tel: +44 (0)1332-929283

Aerial photography & videography, surveys, inspections, real estate & promotional videos

Derby, United Kingdom

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